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ABORYM generator (Season Of Mist) 5€
ABYSSUS / MORBIDER split (Ablaze prod) 5€
A.M.S.G. hostis universi generis (Profound Lore, mint) 7€
ANGEL WITCH 30th anniversary (2xCD; Sanctuary) 7€
ANTHRAX return of the killer a's (Documents) 3€
ANTROPOMORPHIA sermon ov wrath (Metal Blade, mint) 6€
AOSOTH III (Agonia rec) 7€
ASSAULTER salvation like destruction (Pulverised, mint) 6€
AURORA BOREALIS worldshapers (Xtreem Music) 5€
AVSKUM uppror underifran (Prank) 4€
AVULSED reanimations (Xtreem Music) 4€
AXECUTER metal is invincible (Inferno rec, mint) 6€
AXIS POWERS marching towards... (Pulverised, sous cello) 6€
BAD BRAINS rock for light (Caroline rec) 6€
BASTARD GRAVE what lies beyond (Pulverised, sous cello) 8€
BATHORY octagon (Black Mark prod) 7€
BEHERIT drawing down the moon (Spinefarm, mint) 7€
BEOWÜLF 2c (Restless rec) 5€
BLACK ANVIL hail death (Relapse, mint) 5€
BLACK COBRA imperium simulacra (Season Of Mist) 5€
BLACK SABBATH st & bonus (2xCD, Sanctuary) 7€
BLACKTHORN the rotten ways of human...(Chaos rec, mint) 7€
BLOODBATH - bloodbath over...(CD+DVD, Peaceville, mint) 9€
BLOOD CEREMONY the eldritch dark (Rise Above) 6€
BLOODSOAKED frost image & the omen (Chaos rec, mint) 7€
BLÜDWÜLF cryptic revelations (Charged rec) 6€
BLUT AUS NORD MoRT (Candlelight) 7€
BOLT THROWER realm of +bonus (CD+DVD, Earache, mint) 9€
BONESAW the illicit revue (A.W.W.F.N, sous cello) 5€
BRUTAL TRUTH need to control (Earache) 5€
CAÏNA - hands that pluck (2xCD, Profound Lore) 7€
CARPATHIAN FOREST morbid fascination of + bonus (Peaceville) 6€
CATHEDRAL forest of equilibrium (Earache) 5€
CLAUSTROFOBIA i see red (Candlelight) 4€
COLDWORKER the doomsayer's call (Relapse) 4€
CRYPTICUS they called me mad (Razorback, mint) 7€
DANZIG danzig (American Rec) 4€
DARK FUNERAL diabolis interium + bonus (Century Media) 6€
DARK MILLENNIUM diana read peace (Century Media) 6€
DARKTHRONE ravishing grimness (Moonfog) 6€
DEAD CONGREGATION promulgation of the fall (Profound Lore, mint) 9€
DEAD CONGREGATION sombre doom (Martyrdoom prod, mint) 7€
DEATH leprosy + bonus (2xCD, Relapse, mint) 8€
DEATH symbolic (Roadrunner, sous cello) 6€
DEATH CONTROL awaiting us all (Great Dane, mint) 6€
DEEP PURPLE made in japan (EMI) 3€
DEEP VEIN / HYPOKRAS split (L'Armée De La Mort) 4€
DESERTED FEAR dead shores rising (Century Media) 6€
DETERIOROT echoes from the past (Razorback, mint) 8€
DEUS OTIOSUS murderer (FDA Rekotz) 4€
DIE HARD conjure the legions (Agonia rec) 6€
DIO holy diver (Warner) 3€
DISMA - towards the megalith (Profound Lore, mint) 12€
DISMEMBER / UNLEASHED split (The Demos rec) 8€
DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN 1st (Cyclone Empire, mint) 6€
ENABLER - hail to feel safe (Century Media) 4€
EVIL MADNESS - bastards get rotten (Thanatology prod, mint) 7€
EXODUS bonded by blood + bonus (Century Media) 6€
EXPULSION nightmare future (Relapse, mint) 8€
EXTREME NOISE TERROR e.n.t. (Willowtip, sous cello) 8€
FATALIST the depths of inhumanity (FDA Rekotz) 6€
FESTERING from the grave (Caverna Abismal, mint) 6€
GBH midnight madness & beyond (Captain Oï rec) 5€
GOATWHORE vengeful ascension (Metal Blade, mint) 7€
HAARE madon evankeliumi (At War With False Noise, A5) 3€
HEAVYDEATH dark phoenix rising (A.W.W.F.N, mint) 5€
HELL MILITIA last station on the road to death (Debemur Morti) 7€
HOLLOW modern cathedral (Nuclear Blast) 5€
HOODED MENACE effigies of evil (Relapse) 6€
IMMORTAL pure holocaust (Osmose) 7€
IMMORTAL sons of northern darkness (Nuclear Blast) 7€
IN AETERNUM the blasphemy returns (Pulverised, mint) 6€
INFERNAL LEGION the spear of longinus (Moribund) 4€
INSULTERS we are the plague (Unholy Prophecies) 4€
KISS kissology vol.2 (3xDVD, Classic-1) 6€
LORD DYING poisoned altars (Relapse) 6€
LOUDBLAST a taste of death (XIII Bis rec) 6€
MANZER beyond the iron portal (Armée De La Mort rec, mint) 8€
MARDUK frontschwein (Century Media, mint) 7€
MASTODON blood mountain (Reprise rec) 5€
MASTODON the hunter (Reprise rec) 5€
MASTODON once more round the sun (Reprise rec) 5€
MAYHEM a season in blasphemy (3xCD, Season Of Mist) 12€
MEGADETH peace sells...but who's + bonus (Capitol) 5€
MERCILESS DEATH taken beyond (High Roller, mint) 7€
METALUCIFER / GUERRA TOTAL split (Forgotten Wisdom, sous cello) 7€
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION the book of kings (Osmose) 6€
MUNICIPAL WASTE the fatal feast + bonus (Nuclear Blast, mint) 7€
NACHTMYSTIUM reign of the malicious (Candlelight) 5€
NAILS - unsilent death (Southern Lord) 8€
NAPALM DEATH death by manipulation (Earache) 5€
NAPALM DEATH - the code is red... (Century Media) 6€
NAPALM DEATH - time waits for + bonus (Century Media) 6€
NEKKRAL demo I (Gheea Music, mint) 4€
NEUROSIS fires within fires (Neurot rec, mint) 7€
NIGHTFELL the living ever mourn (Southern Lord, mint) 5€
NOIA obstinate sacrifice (Doomentia, mint) 4€
NOISEAR subvert the dominant paradigm (Relapse) 5€
NORTT gudsforladt (Cyclone Empire) 7€
NUNSLAUGHTER hate your god (TPL rec) 6€
OCEAN CHIEF universums härd (I Hate rec) 6€
OLD CHAPEL visions from beyond (Chaos rec, mint) 7€
ONIRICOUS la caverna de fuego (Equinox Discos, mint) 7€
OSSUAIRE le troubadour... (Nihilistic Holocaust, sous cello) 3€
PALE DIVINE painted winsdows black (Shadow Kingdom) 5€
PARAMNESIA paramnesia (Les Acteurs De L'Ombre) 5€
PAROXSIHZEM paroxsihzem (Dark Descent) 7€
PATHS OF POSSESSION promises in blood (Metal Blade) 5€
PAYSAGE D'HIVER kerker (Kunsthall prod, A5) 13€
PAYSAGE D'HIVER nacht (Kunsthall prod, A5) 13€
PAYSAGE D'HIVER kristall & isa (Kunsthall prod, A5) 13€
PENTAGRAM chile the malefice (2xCD, Cyclone Empire) 7€
PORTAL vexovoid (Profound Lore, mint) 8€
PRONG beg to differ (Epic) 5€
QUORTON album (Black Mark prod) 6€
RAMESSES possessed by the rise of magik (Ritual rec) 5€
RED HARVEST the red line archives (Indie rec, sous cello) 5€
REPULSION - horrified (Relapse) 9€
RUDE soul recall (FDA Rekotz) 6€
SACRILEGE behind the realms of madness (Relapse, mint) 7€
SARABANTE remnants (Southern Lord) 5€
SCORPIONS lovedrive (Mercury) 5€
SCORPIONS blackout (Mercury) 5€
SEANCE levisited spirit (Chaos rec, mint) 10€
SHROUDED repulsive undead...(Pro CDr, Poveglia rec) 4€
SKELETAL SPECTRE voodoo dawn (Pulverised) 6€
SLANG humanistic disorder (3"CD, K.A.Z. rec) 2€
SONNE ADAM transformations (Century Media) 5€
SONS OF A WANTED MAN black day's... (Pulverised, mint) 5€
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES controlled+feel like... (Epic) 5€
SUNN O))) (us) 00 void (Rise Above, MFN, japan press) 12€
SYPHILITIC VAGINAS complete studio collection (R.F.L,) 7€
TRANSGRESSOR ether for scapegoat (Memento Mori, mint) 6€
TWILIGHT III : beneath trident's tomb (Century Media) 5€
UNLEASHED viking raids 1991-2004 (Century Media) 6€
UNLEASHED as yggdrasil trembles (Nuclear Blast, mint) 6€
URIAH HEEP salysbury (Sanctuary) 6€
VERMINOUS impious sacrilege (Xtreem Music, mint) 8€
WAR MASTER blood dawn (Torture Garden Picture Comp) 6€
WINDS OF GENOCIDE usurping the throne... (Pulverised) 5€

----> suite
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Re: CD'S à vendre...

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ABYSMAL GRIEF strange rites of evil (Terror From Hell rec, sous cello) 5€
ANTHRAX state of euphoria (Island) 3€
ASCENSION with burning tongues (World Terror Committee) 5€
ATAVISMA / MAUR split (Atavism rec) 4€
AUTOPSY skin begins to rot (3xTAPE, Floga rec, boxset, mint) 24€
AWAKENING OF THE DEAD w/ Dead Congregation, Shackles, Demonic Rage... (Awakening rec) 2,50€
BLACK PRIEST OF SATAN the black candles burn (Not On Label) 2€
BLACK TABLE sentinel (Monotonstudio, mint) 3€
BOLT THROWER war master (MG rec, unofficial) 6€
BOMBS OF HADES / SUFFER THE PAIN split (Krig Tejps, mint) 4€
CANCER the sins of mankind (Vinyl Solution, Valentine Sound, unofficial) 7€
CARNAL GHOUL the grotesque vault (Coffin Filth rec, mint) 4€
CHAMBER OF TORTURE ‎entorturement (Reforestation rec, mint) 3€
CORROSIVE CARCASS composition of flesh (Not On Label) 3,50€
CRUCIAMENTUM convocation of crawling chaos (Not On Label, 1st press) 18€
CRYPTIC BROOD morbid rite (Coffin Filth rec, mint) 5€
CRYPTIC BROOD wormhead (Weed Hunter, mint) 4€
CRYPTIC REALMS eve of fatality (Weed Hunter, mint) 4€
DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT - follow the calls for battle (Propaganda) 4€
DEATH THRASHERS KUOPIO necromancy...blood...vengeance! (Iron Fist Kommando) 3€
DEEP VEIN symbols for the dead (Putrefactive Effect) 2,50€
DEMONIC RAGE the occult formula to desecrate souls (Heretic Death Call) 3€
DOOMENTOR dominus omnes (Messe Noire prod, mint) 4€
DRAATH black slumber (Obscure Vanity, mint) 5€
EMBRACE OF THORNS praying for absolution (Goatmarch Distro, sous cello) 6€
EMBRACE OF THORNS darkness impenetrable (Kill Yourself Prod, sous cello) 6€
FEAR OF GOD within the veil (Warner, promo) 4€
FETID ZOMBIE / DEATHEVOKER split (Eldritch Lunar Miasma, mint) 4€
FLORIDIAN WINTER / CROSS ROT split (Primal Vomit, mint) 4€
FUNERARY BELL horrific transcosmic cverture (Odmetnik, mint) 3,50€
FUNEREALITY leeches (Death Invocation rec, mint) 3€
GHOST TOWER head of night (MetalPunxRex, mint) 3,50€
GHOUL into the crypts of most blasphemous (De Umbris prod) 3€
GHOULGOTHA no peace to rest in (Unholy Domain rec, mint) 5€
GODDEFIED inhumation of shreds 1991-2009 (Hexed Cemetery, mint) 4,50€
GRAB behold your future (Not On Label) 3€
GRAVE into the grave (MG rec, unofficial) 6€
GRAVE DESECRATOR insult (Helldprod, mint) 5€
GRAVEYARD for thine is the darkness (Terror From Hell, mint) 4€
HANDS OF ORLACH figli del crepuscolo (Terror From Hell rec, sous cello) 4€
HEBOSAGIL ura (Kaos Kontrol) 3€
HEXIS - abalam (Narshardaa rec) 5€
HROM blesk (Hard And Heavy rec, mint) 4€
INHUMANISED putrefaction into absurdity (Necrolatry rec, mint) 4€
IN OBSCURITY REVEALED spell of the seeker (Caverna Abismal, mint) 4€
INSURREXION la espada de la esencia (Lapis Lazuli, sous cello) 4€
INVOCATION OF DEATH vol.1 w/ Entrapment, Gravehammer, Reincarnage, Vanhelgd... (Death Invocation) 3€
KRYPTS remnants of expansion (Dark Descent, sous cello) 6€
LEGIO OCCULTA slime crawler (Weed Hunter, mint) 4€
LEVIATHAN demos two thousand (Oaken Throne) 20€
LIFELESS godconstruct (Old Goat Corpse prod, mint) 5€
LOUDBLAST sublime dementia (Never Dead, 50ex) 5€
LOUDNESS (hurricane eyes (Atco rec) 5€
MACABRA to the bones (Morbid Visions, sous cello) 5€
MANIFESTOR calcaneal tendon pendulum (Not On Label, mint) 3,50€
MANZER pictavian bastards (InCoffin prod, mint) 5€
MORBID SAINT (lock up your children (HTC Entertainment, mint) 7€
MORBO addiction to musickal dissection (Terror From Helln mint) 3,50€
MORBOSIDAD muerte de cristo en golgota (Signal Rex, mint) 4€
NATUR natur (Primal Vomit) 3€
NECROCCULTUS encircling the mysterious necrorevelation (Terror From Hell, mint) 4€
NECROMUTILATOR the devil arisen (Terror From Hell, mint) 5€
NECROMUTILATOR ripping blasphemy (Terror From Hell, mint) 5€
NECROSODOMY eternal darkness (Stygian Shadows) 3€
NECROWRETCH putrid death sorcery (Never Dead, 50ex, sous cello) 6€
NECROWRETCH with serpents scourge (Never Dead, 50ex, sous cello) 6€
NEKROFILTH filling my blood with poison (Home Taping Cruelties, mint) 5€
NOCTURNAL the burning of ranstadt (Deathstrike) 6€
NOCTURNAL arrival of the carnivore (Slava prod) 5€
NOCTURNAL storming evil (Roots Active pro, mint) 5€
NOMINON chaos in the! (Hexed Cemetery, mint) 3€
NUNSLAUGHTER angelic dread (Hells Headbangers, sous cello) 5€
OBSCURE INFINITY w/ Carmina, Amethyste, Atrophy, Darklord (Nihilistic Holocaust) 2,50€
OMINOUS death...the beginning (Impious Desecration, mint) 3€
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX decadent religious archetype (Impious Desecration, mint) 3€
ORDEALS apotheosis (Ghastly Apparition, mint) 4€
PLAGUE WARHEAD whores of lucifer (Carnal rec) 3,50€
PNEUMA HAGION trinity (Nuclear War Now!, mint) 5€
PRIMAL ORDER genocide meteorite dynamite alright (Not On Label) 2,50€
PUTRID demo mmxx (Detest rec, mint) 6€
PUTRID EVIL massgrave overtortures (Terror From Hell, mint) 5€
PUTRID EVOCATION blackness enshroud (Unholy Domain rec, mint) 4€
REINCARNAGE black vision (Nuclear Winter) 3,50€
RESPAWN THE PLAGUE gathering of the unholy ones (Terror From Hell, mint) 4€
REVOLTING hymns of ghastly horror (FDA Rekotz) 4€
RITUAL NECROMANCY oath of the abyss (Parasitic) 4€
RUINS chambers of perversion (Dying Victims prod) 3€
SCYTHE subterranean steel (Serpent Eve rec, mint) 3€
SEPULCHRAL rehearsal of the linving dead (Not On Label) 3€
SEPULTURA chaos ad (Roadrunner, 1st press) 4€
SKELETHAL of the depths (Hells Headbangers, sous cello) 6€
SKELETHAL of the depths (Hells Headbangers) 5€
SKELETAL REMAINS condemned to misery (Defying Danger rec, mint) 5€
SPECTRAL APPARITION manifestation (Invictus prod, mint) 4€
SUFFER THE PAIN the death (Krig Tejps) 2,50€
SUMP demo I (Not On Label, mint) 3,50€
SUPERIOR / ELDRITCH split (CNR Music, promo) 5€
SWEET TORMENT ancient pantheon (Heavy Chains rec, mint) 3€
TERRASET concrete altar (Taphephobia prod) 2,50€
THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT stains of resignation (Cold Void Emanations) 4€
THE FOG void nexus (Into Dungeons rec, mint) 4€
THE HOWLING WIND pestilence & peril (Parasitic) 3€
THOU baton rouge, you have much to answer for (Robotic Empire, mint) 6€
THOU / MOLOCH split (Feast Of Tentacles, mint) 6€
THRASHIFICE w/ Toxic Holocaust, Hirax, Violator, Nocturnal... (Skava prod) 3€
UNEATHLY TRANCE v (Witch Sermon, sous cello) 3€
WHIPSTRIKER crude rock n' roll (Herege Warfare prod, mint) 4€
WITCHBURNER blasphemic assault (Roots Active prod, mint) 4€
WORSHIP dooom (Bubonic Doom) 8€
WRECK OF THE HESPERUS the dilapiated sky (Bubonic Doom, mint) 4€


ANATOMIA - dissected - SHIRT (black / Medium / mint) 10€
LEVIATHAN - massive conspiracy against all life - BASEBALL SHIRT (black & white / Medium / mint) 16€
LURKER OF CHALICE - logo - SHIRT (black / Medium / mint) 13€
MORBID ANGEL - formulas fatal to the flesh - SHIRT (black / Large / nm) 9€
NECROWRETCH - defiler of sacrality - SHIRT (black / Medium / mint) 12€
NECROWRETCH - even death may day - SHIRT (black / Medium / mint) 12€
NILE - ithyphallic us-tour 2008 - SHIRT (black / XL / nm) 6€
NUNSLAUGHTER - euro-tour excommunication 2008 - SHIRT (black / Large / nm) 8€

Enjoy Darkness...
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Re: AUTUMN 2017

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Re: AUTUMN 2017

Messagede Lyderic » 03 Oct 2017 17:12

intéressant le shirt Nile :mrgreen:
Destroy the human rights
Desecrate the creation of god
And when you lose the taste
When supplies don't your eyes anymore
End your misery life
Suicide for Satan
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Re: AUTUMN 2017

Messagede Fabulon » 04 Oct 2017 15:19

mp :geek:
I awake and rise...
Into the night I wander, like many nights before,
and like in my dreams, but centuries ago.
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Re: AUTUMN 2017

Messagede Fabulon » 21 Oct 2017 15:14

Vendeur nikel, envois rapides et très soignés!
I awake and rise...
Into the night I wander, like many nights before,
and like in my dreams, but centuries ago.
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