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Re: NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Distro: Mises à lourd!

MessagePosté: 09 Nov 2017 11:03
de Gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR (Chile) Bloody ceremonial Demo tape. Old school death/ Thrash. (Rerelease of demo from 1989)

DEMONIAC (Chile) The unacceptable truth Demo tape. Old styled thrash. (Member of Terror strike...)

END OF MANKIND (Fra) Faith recoil Demo tape. Black metal. (Mmbers of Antaeus, Eternal majesty,..)

MANDINGAZO (Chile) Death metal punishment Demo tape. Old school death

OS (Hungary) Demo MMXVII Tape. Old school death Death doom.

PROCRASTINATE (Gre) Subjugated herd MCD. Crustcore/ Fast hardcore.

RETALIADOR (Bra) Insane thrash Tape. Old school thrash

Re: NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Distro: Mises à lourd!

MessagePosté: 24 Nov 2017 10:22
de Gabalgabow
Last distro news:

AKATECHISM (Ger) Dripping flames Demo tape. Doom/ Black/ Dark

ARCANEGOAT (China) De profundis Tape Lp. Doom

DEAD CONGREGATION (Gre) Purifying consecrated ground MCD. Death metal

GOATDOMINATOR (Hun) Temple of the goat/ In goat we trust Demo tape. Black death

GRAVE MIASMA (Ger) Realm of evoked doom MCD. Black death

MENARCA (Ita) Prognosi infausta CD. Brutal death/ Death metal influenced by Nile, Hate eternal, old Origin.

MOURNING (Usa) Mourning the new dawn CD. Fast black metal/ Death black/ Death metal

QRIXKUOR (Uk) Three devils dance Demo tape. Death black, obscure stuff.

SADISM (Chile) Perdition of souls Demo tape. Old school death (Rerelease of demo from 1989)

SEMENTERIO (Chile) Death metal from beyond the grave Demo tape. Old school death metal/ thrash the cavern underground way. (Rerelease of demo from 1992)

SPECTRAL APPARITION (Uk) Manifestation Demo tape. Death metal/ Blackened death

TERATISM (Usa) Service for the damned CD. Old brutal death/ Blasting death. Members of Goratory, Leukorrhea...

YGFAN (Hungary) Kod Demo tape. Post black metal


It’s a newer death metal band from Denmark,
Coming from the same camps than Undergrang and Phrenelith.

It's a fast Death metal band from France,
they are active since 1988. The old school sound can be felt in some songs :)
A video of their last gig in the north (good sound)

It’s a black metal band from North of France,
Quite good playing level, with some death metal influences, Not bad.


Re: NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Distro: Mises à lourd!

MessagePosté: 09 Déc 2017 11:23
de Gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ACTIVE STENOSIS (Gre) Succumbed to infection Tape Goregrind/ Brutal death

BESTIAL DEVASTATOR (Ger)/ MORTIFERIS (Paraguay)/ TAU (Paraguay) Split tape. Black thrash/ Black death/ Black metal.

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Macabre remixes Demo CDr. Industrial/ Cyber grind. Special packaging.

MASTER FURY (Usa) Circles of hell CD. Old school thrash. Rerelease of two Lps from 88 and 89, great stuffs!

NECROSADIST (Pol) Infernal stench of blasphemy Demo tape. Black thrash. (Members of Excidium)

STÄLKER (New zealand) Satanic panic Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Speed (Memebrs of Razorwyre, Numbskull)

TAU (Paraguay) Demo 2015. Tape. Black metal

VORUS (Romania) Chamber of laments Demo tape. Old school death

WAR POSSESSION (Ger) Through the ages Demo tape. Old school death

Re: NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Distro: Mises à lourd!

MessagePosté: 21 Déc 2017 11:48
de Gabalgabow
Last distro news:

BURDEN RAGE (Argentina) Walk over the crushed skulls Pro CDr. Death metal.

MIDNITE HELLION (Usa) Bitchin' at Champs! 11-15-2013. Live tape. Old school heavy metal.

OBSCURE EVIL (Peru) Midnight forces MCD. Black thrash (Member of Obscure Burial)

OBSCURE EVIL (Peru) Void fumes MCD. Black thrash (Member of Obscure Burial)

OV SHADOWS (Swe) Monologues Demo tape. Black metal

PRELUDIUM (Pol) Impending hostility CD. Death metal

REPUGNANT INEBRIATION (Uk) Empire of hate MCD. Fast death metal (Members of Decrepid)

TELEPORT (Slovenia) Stellar damnation Demo tape. Old styled technical thrash

WHIPSTRIKER (Bra)/ HELL'S BOMBER (Croatia) Split tape. Old school heavy speed/ Speed metal punk

WOUNDED GIANT (Usa) Live weird doom. Live tape. Doom/ Stoner doom.

AUTOLINGUS (Usa)/ DARKTHRONE IS DEAD Split CDr.Noisecore grind chaos/ Noisecore black metal


Just ripped this good tape of DRAWN AND QUARTERED from 2004! Good Death metal! Includes a Slayer cover.

Great death grind from Serbia !

It's a very cool space rock/ prog band from France.
with nicely psychédelic and 70's influenced songs.

It's a french black metal band with quite technical skills and keyboards.
Saw them live, it reminded me of old EMPEROR, with the sound and atmosphere it seemed end 90's ...

Re: NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Distro: Mises à lourd!

MessagePosté: 06 Jan 2018 17:16
de Gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ABAZAGORATH (Usa) Disciples of sacrilege Tape. Black metal

ACID CROSS (Can)/ KRIEGG (Usa)/ HELLRIPPER (Uk) Split tape. Black thrash/ Speed thrash black/ Black speed

ANTROPOFAGUS (Ita) M.O.R.T.E. - Methods of resurrection through evisceration CD. Brutal death

CODEX GIGAS (Chile) Letanías del exorcismo CD. Doom metal

DEHUMANIZED (Usa) Beyond the mind CD. Brutal death

TARPIT BOOGIE (Usa) The clash bar bootleg Tape. Stoner doom

YSENGRIN (Fra) T.R.I.A.D.E CD. Black doom